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February Meetings: County Government and Much More!

Elected and Appointed Boards and Commissions
Protecting the Citizens Right to Know

Unit Meetings: February 9-11
LWV Jeffco is updating and revising their 1987 position on County Boards and Commissions. The proposed changes will provide consistency in the program standards and incorporate important changes to state statutes that address open meetings and the public's right to know. Special Districts and committees are also being added to the position. Currently there are 25 boards and commissions in Jefferson County; 19 of them are appointed. LWV believes that elected and appointed boards and commissions should be responsible to citizen and hold their own leaders responsible for their actions and decisions. Please review the Every Member Material and come ready to discuss at your meeting.

Meeting with County Assessor
February 18 THURSDAY at 9:30am

County Admin Building, Small Hearing Room 1st Floor
No reservations required
The County Assessor will present information about assessing property, and how your taxes are computed. Ron Sandstrom will also explain the checks and balances that are in place in the Assessor's Office. We will get an update, first hand, on what is going on in this important government office. Bring your questions.

Assessing the Assessor: Appraising the Valuation Process
Unit Meetings: February 23-25
The State of Colorado does not require that assessors have a certain level of education or training, or that they be licensed. Should the assessor be appointed or elected? Should there be educational and experience requirements for the position? The assessor's duties include the important functions of discovering, classifying and valuing all taxable real and personal property in the County. The Colorado Legislative Council conducts an annual audit of the Assessor's offices throughout the state. The results of the 2015 audit, as well as the valuation and assessment process, will be presented during the upcoming meeting. The League of Women Voters believes that government should maintain an equitable and flexible system of taxation. Please review the Every Member Material prior to this meeting.


BOOKS and LUNCH: Meet Colorado Authors!

February 27 SATURDAY
St Anthony Hospital, Conference Room
10am - 1pm
Tickets Required / No Walk-ins
$25 per person includes Lunch
Deadline Friday, February 12th
Complete Ticket Order form and
mail into office with check payable to LWV Jeffco today!
LWV Jeffco, 1425 Brentwood Suite 7, Lakewood 80214

J.M. MITCHELL Ranger Jack Chastain returns to the canyons of New Mexico after fighting wildfires, and steps into a political firestorm. He wants to run, but a beautiful woman makes him take a stand. When mysterious provocations pit neighbor against neighbor, a battle between 'self interest' and 'do the right thing' ensues, trapping Chastain between people who face hard truths about who they can really trust, and a fire that can change everything.

LANIE TIFFENBACH Inspired by the author's immigrant ancestors, this is an intimate account of seven unforgettable women surviving extraordinary challenges and hardships in their new homes in America. These brave pioneer women express their dreams and losses and their joys and heartbreaks in the form of letters, diaries and other writings based on extensive genealogy research, documented facts and historical events. Spanning a time period from 1857 to 1939, their immigration and life stories are at the same time heartbreaking and heartwarming.

February Book Club: China is Examined

Orville Schell and John Delury's influential Wealth and Power: China's Long March to the 21st Century will be discussed at the February book club meetings. The authors help us understand China today and in the future by their unique approach: studying the evolution of Chinese thought through 11 writers and leaders from the 1790s to current days. We'll investigate the remaining six thought leaders during our meetings in February on the third Wednesday and Saturday.
Bring a friend and don't miss the opportunity to learn more about this important topic through the insights given us in this stunning book.
Call Lynne at 303-985-5128 for more information about the book club and these meetings.

Climate Change: What is Happening??

GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE - "It's the greatest environmental challenge of our generation"
according to the national League of Women Voters.
You won't want to miss this highly informative and scintillating forum to bring us up to date on the efforts to meet those challenges.

TUESDAY, MARCH 22nd at 7pm to 9pm

11500 W 20th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215
No Reservations / Open to the Public

Panelists include the Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability Study lead editor, the Governor's climate change specialist, the University of Colorado CU Boulder global climate change scientist who attended the U.N. summit on climate change in Paris in December 2015, and a National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) expert to address the latest renewable energy advances.

League of Women Voters Mission of the League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization, encourages the informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Nonpartisan means we neither support nor oppose candidates at any level of government, but are always working on issues of concern to our members and the public.

PLEASE NOTE: The League of Women Voters never supports or opposes candidates for office, or political parties, and any use of the League of Women Voters name in campaign advertising or literature has not been authorized by the League.

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